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Helping Companies Relocate

South Shoring is a support company that assists businesses in finding the best locations for their processes and services to lower costs and move to more business-friendly areas. The company is a team of experts from various parts of industry, including services, manufacturing, Information Technology, and government that have experience in the process of moving businesses.


Supporting Clients

South Shoring assists in identifying ideal locations for businesses, taking into account different parameters provided by the client. These parameters could include being near a Technical College for Training assistance, being in an Opportunity Zone or HUBZone, or needing a specific logistic element such as a rail spur or proximity to the interstate.

Veteran Talent

Industry Experts

Location Based Knowledge

Our Commitment

South Shoring is deeply committed to aiding businesses enhance their operations by finding the most advantageous locations for their diverse processes and services. Leveraging our deep-seated knowledge across commerce,  industry, and the government marketplace, South Shoring will enhance the effort relocate taking advantage of existing and more favorable environments.

Whether it's proximity to a technical college, accessibility to logistics infrastructure, or being in an Opportunity Zone or HUBZone, South Shoring evaluates multifaceted client requirements to find the perfect fit. We handle the entire business relocation process, dealing with the complexity of specific business goals and objectives while navigating the legal and cultural nuances of changing locations. By aligning the relocation process with the company's future vision, South Shoring enables businesses to achieve better margins.

office space

Moving a business is not just about the hardscape pieces like buildings and computers. It's also about moving the people and families.

Key Differenciators

What sets us apart

  • Completed multiple organization relocations for government

  • Deep Relationships with local resources

  • Perseverance to find a solution and make this the most advantageous activity for your situation

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