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Why South Shoring?

Saves Time & Money

Companies expend valuable resources to find the data and analysis for informed, smart, cogent relocation decisions. 

We are a collection of experts from all parts of industry, services, manufacturing, information technology, and government. We've done this before and we know the intricacies of moving all or part of a business.  

Minding the enterprise

Management and employees need to remain focused on the business.  


We handle the heavy lift as an efficient adjunct to your organization as part of the TEAM. 

Trusted Agent

We guard the proprietary nature of your business. We leverage our access, capabilities, and knowledge to identify options to consider.  We know how to operate and safeguard your proprietary information/data.  We bring the ability to be your front line for privacy and information security.  


Our team brings 40+ years of experience with government contracts of classified systems and information.  We’ve been where you are.  


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