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South Shoring

We assist businesses to find the best re-location targets to re-base their processes and services to lower cost and more business-friendly areas.  

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Get to Know Us

As senior executives, we have seen all categories of
business “off-shore” and “near-shore.” Most created in locations for solid business decisions. But, we have also seen many areas and communities who could provide the same services AND provide current employees and families with a better quality of life. Finding your needle in the haystack location is our mission.

Our Team

Judith McCarty is the founder and driver behind South Shoring. She recognized many companies and leaders were expressing discontent with where they were located and wanted to move but didn’t know how. She collected an extraordinary group of experts in different fields to help customers, especially small and mid-cap companies relocate. She is a Navy Veteran of 28 years.

Ron Urrutia is an entrepreneur five successful start-ups. He has over 59 years’ experience in DoD C4I programs, which includes comprehensive experience in business practices, development, Program Management, Director of Operations, business providing System Engineering and Technical Assistance and Acquisition Logistics Management and Business Operations services to various customers in the DoD. Collaborator with large defense industry corporations. Subject Matter Expert and Senior Systems Analysis for operations planning; maintenance; design; program management; acquisition management; policy development; strategic business  development; sales and IT system architecture; modernization; emerging technology; requirements analysis; system testing; certification and accreditation.


Ron Urrutia

Frank Arena is an entrepreneur, an innovator, and a veteran. He is the Founder/President of Southern Aerospace Company, LLC, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned small business. Frank retired from the United States Air Force with 25 years of distinguished service.

He leads in developing strategies and capabilities across a highly technical portfolio, Intellectual Property, “out-of-the-box” concepts, and advanced experimental technologies.


Success is a team effort.


Frank Arena

Kimberly Cuyler is well known within DoD Program Management circles as an expert at requirements analysis, stakeholder support
and team communications.


Kimberly Cuyler


Judith McCarty

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