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Our Services

What We Do 

We match your priorities into actionable south shoring options, strategies, and implementation plans for cogent decisions by the company leadership.

Site Selection

Do you need to be near a Technical College for Training assistance, a Children's Hospital? How about in an Opportunity Zone or HUBZone? Do you want a rail spur or location just off the interstate? You can chase those details and rabbit holes without a good solution. Give us the parameters and our team will do the leg work and give you a short list of candidate locations for consideration.

Business Relocation

When it comes to actually moving your business, let us handle that for you. We have experts in manufacturing line disassembly and reassembly; legal and cultural issues of shutting down in location A to reappear in location B. What services will you be taking with you? What services will you need at the new location? How large an office?

We served the government and industry during the COVID experience and saw the revolution of how people work and where the savings were real and where they were not.


Taking seasoned managers who can think out of the box, people who are internationally certified in Requirements Engineering Management, People who know the real meaning of time is money.


Let us be your corporate concierge service. Let us team with you to make moving from a challenging business environment into the place  you will be welcomed and encouraged as you  and your employees envision how time is money makes you money.

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How we do it?

We become part of the TEAM to handle the heavy lift.  As an efficient adjunct to your organization, we allow you and your company to remain focused on business. 

Our Proprietary Analytical Framework


(Federal, State, Municipal)

  • Tax Structure

  • Support for Businesses

  • Fiscal Posture

  • Incentives


Business and Economic Development

Image by Marjan Blan
  • Collaboration and Technology Hubs

  • Business Infrastructure

  • Import - Export Support

  • Logistics and Supply Chain

  • Transportation Infrastructure

Labor, Workforce and Family

Image by Alex Kotliarskyi
  • Health Care 

  • Education and Training

  • STEM and Research Engagement


Image by Markus Spiske
  • Cloud and Data Center Infrastructure

  • Broadband Capability

  • Cyber Security

Other Influencers

Image by Beth Macdonald
  • Change Management

  • Intellectual Property Culture

  • Housing Market

  • Crime

  • Recreation

Departure Support


Arrival /
Re-base Support



Arrival /
Re-base Support
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